New jams are live!

Three new jams are now available in my Etsy store. Hooray!

Additionally, I've also opened up a store on Artfire so if you'd rather shop my goods there, please do.



Due to unfortunate technical difficulties, I wasn't able to post the new jams last night. However, there is a new plan, and I'm crossing my fingers that they'll go online this evening... Stay tuned!


Jam alert!

Tonight in my Etsy store some rad new products go online! Check out my latest and greatest:

  • Strawberry Kick Jam - balsamic vinegar, reduced to bring out its sweetness, combined with local Washington strawberries and honey for a super rad jar of yum!
  • Holy Cranberry Jam - tart cranberries and sweet Anjou pears cooked with ginger and cinnamon for a tangy topping.
  • Gone Bananas Jam - organic bananas and lemons, lemons, lemons! This is a sweet (literally) dessert-type jam and it's uber-bananalicious!
Stay tuned for these and more delish treats!



Having trouble keeping up with your spice collection? Have you been repurposing non-spice jars, refilling commercial containers, or just plain can't remember what you bought when and when it should be tossed out?

Hoo boy, do I have a solution for you... Check out these printable labels from Craft Leftovers, and get out your crayons and colored pencils!

Spice Jar Labels

Jam for sale!

Today, I have the express pleasure of sharing some exciting news with you... I've opened my Etsy store! I'm starting small, with just a few jars of jelly and mustard, but the inventory will expand soon. Check it out!

Catzia's Jam Session


Accomplished, she is.

My last post was written just a few days after I began my last semester of college. I'm really sorry that it's been so long. Now that the quarter is over, I finally have a little time to share with you all about the experience.

For those of you still playing along at home, I graduated in December. That pesky unfinished goal is no longer, and a brand spankin' new B.A. is mine, courtesy the University of WA and my pocketbook.

For starters, some of you probably are probably dying to shoot off that age-old college pick-up line in my direction. You know, "What's your major?" Hold on to your chair. My degree is in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences with a concentration in Ethnic, Gender and Labor Studies. Essentially, I studied social justice and injustice through the ages, with a particular focus on work-related issues and racism. These issues are so close to my heart, as you know, and it was really a pleasure to devote so much time and energy to studying not only the history of these issues, but also to help explore possible solutions.

So, there you have the basic foundation of what I've been up to, but in order to fully appreciate the scope and scale of my studies, there's something else you should know. In a system based on the 10-week quarter and 12 credits equated to "full-time" status, I was working on 21 credits (and holding down a near-40hr/wk job too). Sounds like a handful, eh? It was. But wait, there's more.

A chunk of my credits came from a research assistantship to Dr. Michael Honey. He's a founding faculty member of the campus I attended (Tacoma) and a published author several times over. In addition to continuing research, he's active in local and national efforts toward social justice. He did, shall I say, keep me rather busy with my research as well as acting as TA for a course on the history of black labor in America.

I'm exhausted. Please stay tuned for further recounting!